Frank Sinatra is making me feel even more of a hopeless romantic.

Well my trousers are bigger than they were last week and I completely forgot to eat today so that’s good I guess.

One of my little plants is slowly coming back to life.
I did an arty thing (excuse the horrendous quality).
You can’t really see the details all that clearly but another one of my short and shitty drawings.

How do people make friends? Seriously.

I feel so gross today I could cry.

I don’t understand my mind.
Happy birthday Bowie, you marvelous creature.
The amount of notes this has gotten is fucking crazy man, this was just a random snapshot.
Marie Antoinette inspired.
Paris was lovely but I am so happy to be back in London.
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
Bloody hell.
The sky is incredible this afternoon.